The Birth of Azalea Belle

In January of this year, we had a big surprise….I was pregnant with our sixth baby. Even before I was married I always said I wanted five or six kids, but when we got to number five, our darling River, I wasn’t sure about another baby. My pregnancy with him was very hard, he was…

An Invisible Lens

Earth has used a virus, a tool invisible to our eyes as a lens for people to view the faults, bringing into devastating focus just what modern society has done. 

Suddenly Homeschooling because of Corona Virus? Part 2: 24-7 with Your Kids

Once very challenging part of homeschooling is being with your children 24-7.  When everyone is together all the time, siblings can squabble, parents get grouchy, and introverts particularly, parent or child, suffer.  I use a combination of techniques to get a little down time each day: I get up before everyone, I kick kids outdoors…

How Our Family Become Voracious Read Alouders

I was reading C. S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair, and we were at the very dramatic scene where the witch turns into the snake.  At that moment, Briggs looks over my shoulder, and just outside the screen, not three feet from where we sat, sunbathing on the shrubs, was a five foot long snake.  The timing could not have possibly been any better.

Learning to Lean

I need to keep the space for grace, and always remember my primary job as mother is to love my kids , not control them. Logistics and planning are my strong suits, checklists and business. Stillness, rest, and feelings are not things I’m great at.

Count it all Joy

I wrote this post last March, in the muddle of a pretty rough season as a parent.  I never published it then because it was it was still just too close.  I thought I’d publish it now, and then give some updates in my next post.

River’s Birth Story

This is the point where the intensity always seems completely impossible. Earth quaking, earth shattering contractions; the universe splitting inside me. I know this shredding pain is when my heart splits in order to grow, making way for the the phenomenal love expansion that happens over the next hours, days, and weeks. The physically impossible makes such great love a reality.

December with Family, Sunshine, and Baby Jesus

These two months were really a jewel in the life of our family; such a gift. We’ve sat in the hot tub and had great conversations. We played hours of card games. We exhaled the stress of the busy season. This holiday season felt joyful.

Thankful- Four Little Blonde Kids and My Path to God

In full disclosure it still feels weird writing a title like that.  Despite being raised Catholic, for 37 years I believed only in the laws of science.  It feels new and strange to be adjusting this perspective.  I turned bright red last spring when I asked the library to send for a copy of the…

Mother Culture: What I’m Reading and Doing to Learn and Grow with my Kids

The demands of motherhood and homeschooling are humbling; day in and day out. I know I will never be able to meet the needs of my children perfectly, but the challenge gives me such a hunger for knowledge to improve. The concept and practice of mother culture has allowed me to define and make space for those things that feed me, and give me guidance, motivation and insight into being the best mom and teacher I can be. That is, after all, the whole point.